The Nib Section

64 - A Preppy Went to Uni

October 2, 2020

After an unplanned hiatus, the Nib Section is back, baby! We review some new acquisitions, including the Platinum Curidas, and discuss recent developments in the fountain pen world, including the shake-up at Sailor. 


This episode features Sharyn (@sharynzha), Diana (@thegrynne) and Tav (@nunc_est_scribendi). 







Tav: Ancora Casein LE for Fahrney's w/ De Atramentis Hyacinth 

Sharyn: Lamy CP1 Platinum w/ Lamy Blue 

Diana: Platinum Curidas Clear 

Image on FB 

New Lamy Dialog Cc 




Rohrer & Klingner SketchINK - Parkablogs 

Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun - Mountain of Ink 


39:15—How we’ve been using pens during the pandemic 


Noodler’s Baystate Cape Cod Cranberry - Pulp Addiction 

Pilot Petit 2 (felt-tip) - Bunbougu 

Sailor Manyo Haha - Bookbinders Design 

Sailor Manyo Nekoyanagi - Bookbinders Design 

Sailor Ink Studio 123 - Bookbinders Design 

YaChing Style Bellflower 

Sailor Jentle Fuji-musume - Mountain of Ink 


58:49—Shake-up at Sailor 


Tokyo Inklings - Emergency 1: Sailor Plus 

Tokyo Inklings - Emergency 2: Sailor Minus 

Sailor new Ink Studio releases - @nagasawa_umeda 

Troublemaker Kelp Tea - Mountain of Ink 

Sailor Discontinues 6 Jentle Inks - Anderson Pens Blog 

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini - Goulet Pens 

Sailor 1911 Profit Junior - PenSachi 

Sailor ProColor 500 - Oh Fountain Pens 

Cross Peerless 125 - Peters of Kensington 

1:11:53—How customers and manufacturers are responding to covid 




Indian Matchmaking 

Selling Sunset 

How To Make Everything 

Machine Dynasty - Madeline Ashby 


1:31:53—Thanks and Credits 


Producers: Sharyn Zha, Tav Sinanian, Diana Dai. 

Recording and editing: Diana Dai. 

Music: Michael Pearce. 

Logo: Will H. Smith. 

Logo artwork: Melissa Graf. 

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