The Nib Section

2 - Journeys in Japan, Sydney Pen Show

August 15, 2017

Chux and Chrissy chat with special guest hosts Mark and Sophia about their recent pen-related adventures in Japan, and their plans to hold a pen and stationery show in Sydney.


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The hosts were Chux, Chrissy, Sophia and Mark.




00:32—Panel intro


01:04—What We Are Writing With


Mark, Lamy AL-Star with custom 14kt gold nib 

Sophia, Pilot Fermo Green with medium nib 

Chrissy, TWSBI Eco White with 1.1mm stub 

Chux, Pilot 823 Amber with broad architect nib 




Resources on nib tipping sizes: 

Goulet Nib Comparison Tool Nib Tipping Sizes Chart


05:44—Mark and Sophia’s pen adventures in Japan


Shibuya, Tokyo - Bungubox. 

Kobe - Nagasawa Stationery and Pen and Message. 

Nagoya - Sankodo. 

Shout out to Daisuke from Pilot, who showed Mark and Sophia around Itoya and Maruzen. 

Pilot and Namiki factory tour. 


Top Sailor Store Exclusive Inks: 

Sankodo Forest Green 

Bungubox Imperial Purple 

Bungubox Sweet Potato Yellow 

Kobe 41 Suma Rikyu Rose 

Pen and Message Cigar 


To see swabs of these inks, visit our Facebook. 


18:40—Quick tip


20:30—Sydney Pen Show

Get in touch with the organisers:




Organics Studio Elements Nitrogen Royal Blue 

Pensive Pens

Classic Pens NZ

The next Sydney FPO Meet-up will be at Dove & Olive, 1pm on 19 August 2017




Food Wars 


Fargo the TV Series 


A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole 




"Should cursive go the way of the dinosaurs?"

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Producers: Diana Dai, Chux Montano, Patrick Antolovich, Denise Tang.

Recording and editing: Patrick Antolovich, Denise Tang. 

Music: Michael Pearce.

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Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.