The Nib Section

23 - For the Love of Ballpoints!

July 6, 2018

TNS is going off-brand this episode as we take a look at the ballpoints that we use and love. We also discuss how fountain pen evangelists and intractable ballpoint users can coexist in harmony.


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The hosts were Chuck (@entree3000_), Sharyn (@sharynzha), Diana (@thegrynne) and Ruben (@sirscribe).




02:05—What We Are Writing With


Chuck: Pilot FriXion Clicker

Sharyn: Lamy Linea and Parker Sonnet BP

Ruben: Aurora Optima Brown Auroloide w/ Edelstein Smoky Quartz

Diana: Parker Jotter




11:46—Ballpoints, maligned but not forgotten


Parker Jotter

Caran d’Ache 849 Claudio Colluci BP

Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens - JetPens

Leo Fok @inquisitivequill

Muji Gel Ink Pen

Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun - Bookbinders Online

Lamy Safari Yellow - Milligram

Uni Jetstream - Officeworks

Parker Sonnet BP

Pilot Custom 823

Bic Cristal Gel Blue - Librex

Zebra Super Marble




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35:15—Antipathy against ballpoints and ballpoint users


Observations of Elitism in the Pen Community - Karas Kustoms Blog

30 Rock

Nakaya Rollerball

Nakaya Naka-ai Ballpen -

Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Marker

It’s “oxidation”

Allan Visses @allanvisses

Traci Thompson @tmtcalligraphy




Alien Weaponry,

Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin

Samurai Champloo on Netflix

Elvis and Kresse


1:04:10—Thanks and Credits


Producers: Diana Dai, Chuck Montano, Sharyn Zha.

Recording and editing: Diana Dai.

Music: Michael Pearce.

Logo: Will H. Smith.

Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.


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