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29 - Figboot on Pens

September 28, 2018

Diana talks to David Parker, aka reviewer extraordinaire Figboot on Pens, about how he built his YouTube channel and the thought he puts into making his videos fresh, original, and helpful.


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The host was Diana (@thegrynne). Special guest was David Parker of Figboot on Pens (@figboot11)




01:11—Interview: David Parker aka Figboot on Pens

An Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson - Figboot on Pens


10:22—What We Are Writing With

David: Pen 18111 Blue Night Sky Falling Sakura by Yoshi Nakama w/ Robert Oster Bondi Blue

Dudek The Cube

Diana: Pilot Vanishing Point Blue Sunset w/ Sailor Shigure


14:54—Interview (continued)

Lamy Al-Star

Lamy Safari

Parker Urban - Officeworks

Lamy 200 Review - Figboot on Pens

Gerd Alfred Muller - Inky Passion

Ten Ink Challenge - Figboot on Pens

Hippo Noto Notebook Review - Figboot on Pens

How to Spot a Fake Montblanc - Figboot on Pens

Pens I Regret Buying - Figboot on Pens

DC Fountain Pen Supershow

Triangle Pen Show

Atlanta Pen Show

Sydney Pen Show

Pen 18111


Mike Masuyama

LA Pen Show

SF Pen Show

St. Louis Pen Show

Pelikan Hubs 2018

Penlux The Metallic Collection

Live In You Shiyou

Jonathan Brooks (@brooks_803)

Carolina Pen Company

Kanilea Pen Co.

Straits Pen




Dark Tourist


The Highest House, Mike Carey and Peter Gross


1:28:45—Thanks and Credits

Producer: Diana Dai.

Recording and editing: Diana Dai.

Special thanks to David Parker.

Music: Michael Pearce.

Logo: Will H. Smith.

Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.

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