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39 - Collectors Series Part 5: “Lamy Archaeology”

March 15, 2019

Mel talks to Kevin Yank about his Lamy Museum, and the relationship that Lamy the company has to its own long history and heritage.


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The host was Mel Sanders (@the_fine_nib_chick), interviewing Kevin Yank (@sentience).






Kevin: Lamy 18 Special w/ Lamy Peridot

Mel: Waterman Carene Gunmetal w/ Waterman Mysterious Blue

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05:05—Interview with Kevin Yank


Lamy Studio

Kevin's Lamy Studio Collection - Flickr

Lamy Dialog 3 - Milligram

Lamy 27 - FPN

Lamy 99/36 - WakiSquirrel

Lamy 2000 - A Better Desk

Lamy Profil - FPN

The Lamy Safari Is a Fountain Pen for Dummies - NY Mag

Lamy CP1 - The Pen Company Blog

Lamy CP50 vs CP1 - FPN  

Lamy Unic - The Clicky Post

Lamy Pur - Pete Denison

Lamy st - Sal

Lamy Linea - The Pen Company Blog

Lamy Lady - Write To Me Often

Lamy Persona - Alt.haven

Lamy Imporium - Gourmet Pens

Lamy Studio Pearl Terracotta - kmpn

Episode 34 - Trams, Rain and Avacado Lattes (Melbourne Pen Show 2018 Edition)

Pilot Murex/Myu - Tokyo Fountain Pen Scene

Pilot M90 - The Clicky Post

Lamy Studio Wild Rubin - Pendora’s Box




The Last Day of June

Endometriosis Australia


1:29:27—Thanks and Credits


Producer: Mel Sanders.

Recording and editing: Mel Sanders and Diana Dai.

Special thanks to: Kevin Yank.

Music: Michael Pearce.

Logo: Will H. Smith.

Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.

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