The Nib Section

52 - Audrey Matteson, Nib Doctor

September 13, 2019

Diana talks to Dr. Audrey Matteson of Franklin-Christoph about her journey from microbiologist and “fountain pen spouse” to FC’s in-house nib specialist. 


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This episode features Diana (@thegrynne) with special guest Audrey (@thenibdoctor). 





00:50—Interview: Audrey Matteson 




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The Franklin-Christoph SIG nib - The Pen Addict 

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Saving Grace NC 


1:23:59—Thanks and Credits 


Producer: Diana Dai. 

Recording and editing: Diana Dai. 

Special thanks: Audrey Matteson. 

Music: Michael Pearce. 

Logo: Will H. Smith. 

Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.

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