The Nib Section

6 - Fountain Pen Inks 101

October 10, 2017

The Nib Section delves into the deep and diverse world of inks, providing not only a starting point for the beginners in the scene, but also answering questions from viewers in regards to various ink myths and mysteries, as well as looking ahead for what might be next in the industry of ink manufacture.


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The hosts were Chuck, Jean and Taveet with special guest Joanne Pham.




00:20—Panel intro

What We Are Writing With:
– Chuck: Pilot CH92 Orange Demonstrator

– Tav: Vintage Japanese “Woden”

– Joanne: Franklin Christoph Pocket

– Jean: Platinum Maki-e Kanazawa


03:22—News With Max

One of our producers, Max Schumacher, goes through some of the happenings within the fountain pen market, looking at newly announced pens and inks.

08:18—The Basics

The hosts speak with Inksperts Tav and Joanne to find out some of the basic aspects of inks – what they’re made of, what each type of ink is and some of the science behind it.


19:45—The Deeper

Ever wondered what the most recently discovered shade of blue is? Joanne happens to know, and the panel delve into what’s been happening in the innovation and development of new and exciting colours, some of them even coming from spiders (arachnophobia warning).

For iron gall inks with lower iron content, that are less likely to cause blockages, try Pelikan 4001 Blue Black and the Platinum Classic series of inks. The usual precautions for iron gall inks (regular cleaning, avoid contact with metal parts) apply.


25:46—Ink FAQs

The panel answer questions from our audience:

  • Are Iron-Gall inks safe in vintage pens?
  • What inks will behave well in what pens?
  • How do you keep ink in good condition?
  • How do you clean ink-caked pens?
  • Do shimmer inks clog pens?
  • Does the Noodler’s Eel range lubricate Piston/Vac pens?
  • How to remove ink from various surfaces?
  • What is the most permanent ink?
  • What makes an ink wet?
  • What makes an in sheen?
  • Worst or Best inksperience?
  • What are your favourite Inks?


48:21 – Recommendations


From Jean: TV Show – Atypical

From everyone else: Sun protection!




Producers: Diana Dai, Chuck Montano, Max Schumacher, Patrick Antolovich, Denise Tang.
Recording and editing: Patrick Antolovich, Denise Tang.

Music: Michael Pearce.
Logo: Will H. Smith.
Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.

Originally published on October 10, 2017.

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