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66 - Mountain of Ink

October 30, 2020

Invoke her name three times and she will appear! Our favourite ink reviewer/blogger, Kelli from Mountain of Ink, is our guest this episode. 


This episode features Sharyn (@sharynzha) and Kelli (@mountainofink).





00:52—Introduction: Kelli (Mountain of Ink) 


Mountain of Ink 

Noodler’s Ahab - The Goulet Pen Co 

Diamine Marine - The Goulet Pen Co 




Kelli: Lamy Safari w/ Kobe 23 Nagata Blue 

Sharyn: Sailor ProGear Realo Tenku Mugen 


05:03—Kelli (cont.)


Taroko Enigma A5 Dotted - TarokoShop 

Taroko Breeze A5 Notebook - TarokoShop 

Review: Nanami Crossfield - Mountain of Ink 

Some words on Tomoe River. - Musubi 

MD Notebook Cotton - Midori JP 


Musubi A5 Folio Notebooks - Musubi 

Bank Paper - Musubi 

Mabie Todd Swan S2 - Flex & Other Follies 

Sailor x Wancher ProGear Shamrock Green - Thomas Bates 

Sailor ProGear Kure Azur - Bookbinders Design 

KWZ Butterscotch - Mountain of Ink 

Pelikan M620 City Series - The Pelikan’s Perch 

Pelikan M605 White Transparent - The Pelikan’s Perch 

Pelikan M405 White Transparent - The Pelikan’s Perch 

Pelikan M600 Violet - The Pelikan’s Perch 

Pelikan M600 Turquoise - The Pelikan’s Perch 

Pelikan M600 Pink - The Pelikan’s Perch 

Pelikan M600 Vibrant Orange - The Pelikan’s Perch 

Pelikan M600 Vibrant Green - Pelikan Collectibles 

Pelikan M600 White Tortoise - Pelikan Collectibles 

Aurora Optima - The Pen Addict 

Conklin Duragraph - The Gentleman Stationer 

Kelli’s top 5: Sailor, Pilot Iroshizuku, Diamine, Robert Oster, Monteverde 

Shigure Inks 

Vanness Pen Shop 

Montblanc Blue Palette - @thenibsection 

Ferris Wheel Press Inks - Ferris Wheel Press 

Ink Palettes - Mountain of Ink 

Sailor Manyo Haha - Mountain of Ink 

Sailor Manyo Nekoyanagi - Mountain of Ink 

Papier Plume Lake Michigan Summer - Mountain of Ink 

Dual Shaders - Mountain of Ink 

Waterman Ink - Mountain of Ink 

Lamy Dark Lilac - Mountain of Ink 

Parker Penman Sapphire - Mountain of Ink 

Noodler’s Black - Mountain of Ink 

Favourites - Mountain of Ink 

Platinum Carbon Black - Mountain of Ink 




Half Baked Harvest Cookbook 

Esterbrook Estie 

Midori MD A5 Codex 1-Day-1-Page 


1:03:22—Thanks and Credits 


Producer: Sharyn Zha. 

Recording and editing: Sharyn Zha and Diana Dai. 

Special guest: Kelli.

Music: Michael Pearce. 

Logo: Will H. Smith. 

Logo artwork: Melissa Graf. 

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