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68 - Esterbroook 3.0

November 27, 2020

We take a close look at the second attempt to revive a historic US pen brand, Esterbrook Pens, and review three pens from its current lineup. Tav and Di also chat to Ryan from Kenro Industries, the company which currently owns the venerable Esterbrook brand. 


This episode features Sharyn (@sharynzha), Tav (@nunc_est_scribendi) and Diana (@thegrynne). 








Sharyn: Esterbrook Estie Oversized Sparkle Tanzanite EF w/ Waterman Serenity Blue 

Tav: TWSBI Vac-700R Iris w/ Taccia Ao 

Diana: Esterbrook Camden Composition Black to School Black F w/ Caran d’Ache Blue Night 


05:06—Esterbrook Pens 


For the next company that wants to revive a beloved pen brand. - Leigh Reyes 

Esterbrook Pens - Pen Economics 


10:18—Interview: Ryan Sirignano 


Esterbrook Estie OS Sparkle 

Kenro Industries 

Fountain Pen Day 

Fountain Pen Hospital 

Fahrney’s Pens 



Custom Nib Studio 

McKenzie Penworks 

Esterbrook Estie - Esterbrook Pens 

Acutron Watches 

The Herbert Pen Company 

Pulp Addiction 

Peters of Kensington 

Podstar reusable coffee pods 

The Sunday Read: ‘David’s Ankles’ 


1:18:52—Esterbrook Revival 


Esterbrook Fountain Pens - Pulp Addiction 

Tav reviews the JR Pocket Pen Capri Blue B 

Sharyn reviews the Estie OS Sparkle Tanzanite EF 

Diana reviews the Camden Composition Black to School Black F 

Episode 50 - Tuned to Order 

Episode 7 - QC Controversies: Nakaya, Visconti, TWSBI 


2:08:32—Thanks and Credits 


Producer: Sharyn Zha, Taveet Sinanian and Diana Dai. 

Recording and editing: Diana Dai. 

Special guest: Ryan Sirignano.
Music: Michael Pearce. 

Logo: Will H. Smith. 

Logo artwork: Melissa Graf. 

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