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8 - Holiday Gift Guide 2017, LarryPOST

November 21, 2017

Just in the nick of time for the holidays, our hosts offer their gift recommendations for all those special people in your lives, and Sophia brings us an interview with the owner of the Australian pen and stationery retailer, LarryPOST.

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The hosts were Chuck Montano, Max Schumacher, Sharyn Zha, Patrick Antolovich and Diana Dai. Jenny Saunders was interviewed by Sophia Le.



01:26—What We Are Writing With


Diana: Pilot Custom 845, Diamine Schubert

Patrick: Omas Milord, Montblanc BMW Blue

Sharyn: Sailor Pent Professional Gear Realo Precious Aquamarine, Sailor Kobe #2

Max: Lamy 2000, Aurora Black

Chuck: Nakaya Naka-ai Polished Shu, Iroshizuku Yama-budo


Photos of the pens up on Facebook.




14:40—Interview with Jenny Saunders of LarryPOST


Sophia Le interviews the owner and head pen specialist of LarryPOST, Jenny Saunders, to chat about why she started her business, how the Australian pen market has changed over the last 7 years, and also to get her gift recommendations for the coming holiday season.

LarryPOST offers some unique services, including a custom embossing service, a loaner pens initiative, ink samples, and paper samples.

CIAK leather-bound notebooks

For newcomers: Pilot MR (Metropolitan) or Faber-Castell
For experts: Pilot Justus or Graf von Faber-Castell

For kids: Pelikan Twist or TWSBI
For artists: De Atramentis Waterproof Document Inks

For minimalist planners: Leuchtturm1917 A5 hardcover

Sophia’s hoping for a GvFC Classic Pernambuco this Christmas. *hint hint*

For even more recommendations, take a look at LarryPOST’s shopping guides




Melbourne Pen Show 2017


32:59—Holiday Gift Guide 2017


Fountain Pen Beginner


Fountain Pen Expert


Children/Young Adults


Minimalist Planner


Artist/Creative Journaller




Check out the Pen Addict for more gift ideas.





Call Me By Your Name soundtrack


Amazon Echo Dot

Love on Netflix




Producers: Diana Dai, Chuck Montano, Sophia Le, Patrick Antolovich, Denise Tang.
Recording and editing: Patrick Antolovich, Denise Tang.

Special thanks this episode go to Jenny Saunders of LarryPOST for speaking to us.

Music: Michael Pearce.
Logo: Will H. Smith.
Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.

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