The Nib Section

35 - End of Year Wrap…up 2018

December 20, 2018

In this...somewhat tipsy end-of-year episode (prerecorded in November), we answer your questions about our favourite nibs, most memorable fountain pen experiences, reflections on a year and a half of podcasting, and much more! 

Happy holidays to all our listeners! 


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The hosts were Chuck (@entree3000_), Sharyn (@sharynzha), Melissa (@missdgraf), Brian (@briansaputro) and Diana (@thegrynne). The excellent pup who was (mostly) silent throughout the recording was Sebastian (@sebby.lion).




01:39—What We Are Writing With


Sharyn: Sailor Nagasawa Black Proske “Brosque” Zoom w/ Sailor Kin-Mokusei

Diana: Opus 88 Demonstrator with Regalia Crown Epilogue w/ Iroshizuku Yama-budo

Melissa: Caran d’Ache Ecridor XS Couture Rose Gold with Swarovski Crystal

Brian: Omas Milord Arco Brown w/ Sailor Rikyu-Cha

Chuck: Aurora 88 Minerali Amber BB and Aurora 88 Sole M




  • Therese Brand: I'd love to have a better understanding of the different flex nibs vs waverly/cursive/italic, stub/music, zoom nibs etc from the different brand...pros & cons, your own preferences and why?
  • Ayeneneyeee: What has been your favourite fountain pen related experience, fact, or skill you've learnt this year?
  • Ayeneneyeee: Fountain pen goals for next year? This can be a pen (or let's be honest, pens) you're chasing, a new direction for your collection (russian vintage or even a big cull?), or maybe you're considering exploring new terrain (e.g. nib tuning, urban sketching, ink making...).
  • Sharyn: How much ink is “enough”?
  • Father Kyle: Self reflections on doing a full year of podcasting about pens.
  • Paperlate: It seems like a few of you have extensive Japanese pen collections; it would be great to hear what some of your favourite pens are in each of your collections.
  • Tinybadge: What sub-$50 fountain pens can you all recommend?
  • Sharyn: Biggest FP surprise and biggest disappointment this year?


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Wear comfy shoes to your parties


Pet Circle

Knife sharpening stone


1:31:28—Thanks and Credits


Producer: Chuck Montano, Sharyn Zha and Diana Dai.

Recording and editing: Sharyn Zha and Diana Dai.

Music: Michael Pearce.

Logo: Will H. Smith.

Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.