The Nib Section

46 - Recent Acquisitions (June 2019 Edition)

June 21, 2019

We take the risk of trying things, so you don’t have to. Feat. Roterfaden Taschenbegleiters, Musubi journals, Visconti quill nibs, and Aurora flex nibs. 


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The hosts were Chuck (@entree3000_), Sharyn (@sharynzha), and Diana (@thegrynne).







Sharyn: Pineider La Grande Bellezza Honeycomb EF “Quill” nib w/ Sailor Yuki-Akari

Diana: ST Dupont Olympio L F (Dan Smith) w/ Caran d’Ache Sunset

Chuck: Platinum Century Fujin Raijin B w/ Platinum Carbon Black




Episode 23 - For the Love of Ballpoints

Episode 46 - Write Therapy


09:50—Recent Acquisitions


Maruzen 150th Anniversary “Lemon” LE

Nib Grinder (Mark Bacas)


Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter Configurator

Diana’s Roterfaden collection (TNS on FB)

Midori Traveler’s Notebook - Jet Pens

Roterfaden Planner Covers - Simply Life

Episode 28 - The Sound of One Pen Being Tested

Aurora Optima Lilac Resin LE Fine Flex - Nibs

Aurora Optima Light Blue Resin LE Fine Flex - Nibs

Aurora 88 Flex - The Gentleman Stationer

Pineider La Grande Bellezza - Goulet Pens

Visconti Pentagon - Appelboom

Pineider “La Grande Bellezza” Gemstone Rhodolite Red Fountain Pen - The Pen Addict

Musubi Atelier

Diana’s Musubi A5 Wool and Dragonflies journals (TNS on FB)

Hobonichi Plain Notebook

Nanami Seven Seas

Musubi diaries - Leigh Reyes

Midori MD A5 Leather Cover - Milligram

Platinum Century Fujin Raijin - Nibs

Nakaya maki-e converter - Nagasawa

Sharyn’s ST Dupont Line-D Ateliers (TNS on FB)

ST Dupont Phoenix Renaissance Premium LE - Chatterley Luxuries




Always Be My Maybe Dinner Scene ft. Keanu Reeves


John Wick 3

Halle Berry Refuses to Lose to Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Avatar the Last Airbender

Warrior on Cinemax

Dianxi Xiaoge


1:33:15—Thanks and Credits


Producer: Chuck Montano, Shayn Zha, Diana Dai.

Recording and editing: Diana Dai.

Music: Michael Pearce.

Logo: Will H. Smith.

Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.

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