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61 - Ocean of Ink

February 21, 2020

In a revisit of the topic of fountain pen ink, we discuss trends and innovations that we’ve seen in the last couple of years, and speculate on what the future could hold for the industry. Ana Csiky returns to fill Diana in on the new and exciting ink makers from Asia. 


This episode features Chuck (@entree3000_), Sharyn (@sharynzha) and Diana (@thegrynne). Special guest is Ana Csiky (@inkantadora).







Diana: Sailor Profit KOP Ebonite King Eagle w/ Kyo-no-oto Hisoku 

Chuck: Pilot x Maruzen “Lemon” 

Sharyn: Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Snakewood w/ GvFC Cobalt Blue 




Platinum Curidas - Platinum 

Life Kappan - Dymocks 

Hobonichi Plain Notebook - Hobonichi 


13:10—Ink Redux 


Episode 6 - Fountain Pen Inks 101 

J Herbin Kyanite du Nepal - Mountain of Ink 

J Herbin Amethyste De L'Oural - Mountain of Ink 

Organics Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue - Mountain of Ink 

Diamine Skull & Roses - Mountain of Ink 

Diamine Jalur Gemilang - Mountain of Ink 

Sailor Ink Studio 123 - The Well-Appointed Desk 

Troublemaker Abalone - Mountain of Ink 

Sailor Manyo Fountain Pen Inks - Bookbinders Design 

Tono and Lims Phosphophyllite - @inkykatwrites 

3Oysters DIY My Color Kit - Mountain of Ink 

Platinum Mixable Ink - Platinum 

Sailor Storia - LarryPOST 

Mixing my 500 HOLO Nail Polishes Together! What Will Happen?! - Simply Nailogical 

State of the Union 2019: Fountain Pen Ink - Macchiato Man 

Ink House Collection by KWZ - @inkhousehongkong 

Aurora 100th Anniversary Ink Set - Nibsmith 

Montblanc Elixir Parfumeur Vetiver Green - Montblanc 

Standard Bindery Ink - Standard Bindery 


1:01:18—Listeners’ Ink Questions 


Sailor Jentle Yama-dori - Mountain of Ink 

Sailor Jentle Tokiwa-matsu - Mountain of Ink 

Bungubox Sweet Potato Purple - Mountain of Ink 

Lamy Pacific Blue (Turquoise) - Mountain of Ink 

Bungubox Hatsukoi “First Love” Sapphire - The Gentleman Stationer 

Sailor Ink Studio 740 - Desk Bandit 

Toucan Gold - Mountain of Ink 

Private Reserve American Blue -  Penrarian 


1:18:26—Interview: Ana Csiky (Inkantadora) 



Sailor Ink Studio 162 - The Well-Appointed Desk 

Vinta Inks 

Troublemaker Inks 

Vinta Pastel Blue Julio 1991 - Mountain of Ink 

Vinta Mermaid Green Serena 1952 - Mountain of Ink 

Tono & Lims First Contact SE - Mountain of Ink 

KWZ Sheen Machine - Mountain of Ink 

Van Dieman’s Morning Frost - Van Diemen's Ink 

Pennonia Inks - Pennonia 

Kala - JetPens 

Kala Ink Island - Tylee Pen Shop 

Kala Ink Tribute to Neon - Tylee Pen Shop 

Kala Ink Gemstone - Tylee Pen Shop 



Noodler’s Invisible Inks - JetPens 

Monteverde Sweet Life Inks (Key Lime Pie) - Mountain of Ink 

KWZ Iron Gall Inks - Vanness 

De Atramentis Document Inks - LarryPOST 

3Oysters DIY Ink Kit (Four Seasons of Korea) - Desk Bandit 

Pelikan Edelstein Moonstone - The Pelikan’s Perch 

Pelikan Edelstein Star Ruby - Mountain of Ink 

Montblanc Elixir Parfumeur Collection - Gourmet Pens 

Jacques Herbin Scented Inks - Jacques Herbin 

Montblanc Ladies Edition Pearl - Squishy Ink 

PenBBS #111 Shanghai - FPN 





Joy of Life 庆余年 


Little Women (2019) 

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) 


2:26:15—Thanks and Credits 


Producers: Chuck Montano, Sharyn Zha, Diana Dai. 

Recording and editing: Diana Dai. 

Music: Michael Pearce. 

Logo: Will H. Smith. 

Logo artwork: Melissa Graf.

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